Pattimari Sheets-Diamond POEMS…

Waterfall of poems~

Yesterday’s child

Yesterday seems so pure

and weightless

Blended with light fluffy fun;

giggles with innocence

filled each day with talent

Pattimari, 2009




One response to this post.

  1. Letting Go~

    If I could, I’d polish the heavens
    and harvest the kindred,
    without hesitation, and brighten it with hope
    While you set in the muddy pond of letting go
    I know I can open the doors to a new corridor
    To soften your wounded spirit and
    take you out of scar
    I know I can wander the terrain
    to explore a new pathway
    To warm your spirit
    that holds you in the light
    to take you out of the
    darkened pain.



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